Infant Formula Pocket Tool for Medical Practitioners

At the core of Pharmaco’s values is our ongoing commitment to ensuring we are our client’s ‘Everyday Partner’.

As such, we introduce Novassist – a quick and easy tool to suggest effective dietetic solutions* to address the various challenges that can be encountered during an infant’s first year of life whilst simultaneously ensuring their comfort and optimal growth.

Novassit’s tailored algorithm, based on the symptoms experienced by the infant in question, is designed to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing a specific formula within our Novalac® Range – a unique Infant formula range where each formula is specifically composed to solve a particular gastrointestinal concern as can occur in an infant’s early years of life.

In addition, Novassist makes it simple to access the nutritional information of all formulas within the range as well as their key features, benefits and supporting clinical trials.

All the information you need at the tip of your finger!

*For each clinical situation, thorough analysis of physiological and psychopathological processes are performed by our multidisciplinary team in order to base our Novalac formulas on the most up to date scientific findings.